Gym wear

A simple question that exactly interests you a couple of times in a year. Where can I find cool clothes for sports? Since this question interests me too, I share with you a find. My costume from QVONSw catch couple tips, how to choose the one, the ideal, and what to look for ) Firstly,…

sport wear


Autumn. It’s time of cozy blankets, hot chocolate , favorite movies and beautiful nature. Quiet and a lil bit lazy … It is so difficult to force yourself to have workout at this time. My best motivation at Fall – cool sport wear. I choose clothes for fitness, wich I want to dress ,in which…


I never thought I’d say this,but there is an alternative to fitness.Recently discovered in Kiev the studio of pilons and aerial acrobatics,and as I was with my husband-in the past,aerial acrobats,Cirque Du Soleil perfomer,of course we could not pass up and looked. And then what is there not…Air blades,air (more…)